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Washington Party Bus Pricing Policies

Don’t worry, we know that paying for a party bus or Washington limousine seems like an impossible feat, but it surely isn’t! We’re here to help clear the stigma, and to help you decide on the best possible option for you and your budget. No matter what, you can be assured that you always get exactly what you pay for, which is quality. The price we charge supplies your smiling driver, an updated and safe vehicle, and all those amenities you’ve come to love. We don’t charge extra to create a huge profit margin unlike other companies in the area!

For us to give you an accurate price quote, we’ll need to know when you’re looking for service, where it will take place, and with how many passengers. We’ll use that information to give you an affordable price quote that you’ll surely be pleased with. If the total is too high for you, don’t worry, as there are always other options! Consider splitting the cost evenly between all the passengers to get an easy per person rate. Also consider avoiding the high demand areas of time including holidays, weekends, and early spring until late summer.

Our price quote includes everything, so you won’t have to worry about any hidden taxes or charges that spring up at the last minute. We’re very different from other companies in this regard! What you see is what you get when it comes to our pricing. Our success depends on your happiness as a customer, so we will always do our best to achieve that goal! To get a price quote now, call or email, our booking agents would be happy to help you out.